Like buses…5 More Publications…

Amid the continuing frustration at being unable to do any bench-work, there has at least been good news in the lab, with a spate of publications in May, June, July. Our publication record continues to be very lumpy!

First of all, Tom wrote a ‘preview article’ for Developmental Cell, looking at a forthcoming publication from Sabrina Sabatini’s lab, and trying to place it in context. “Root development: A go-faster stripe and spoilers

At more or less the same time, Darren was writing a similar ‘News & Views’ article for Nature Plants, looking at an article from Shelley Lumba’s lab on the role of SMAX1 in seed germination. “Two routes to germinate a seed“.

And in the very same issue of Nature Plants, Catriona’s paper on inflorescence arrest in Arabidopsis (previously pre-printed in February 2019) was published. “Auxin export from proximal fruits drives arrest in temporally competent inflorescences“. We got quite a lot of attention for this article, and were asked to write a blog for The Node about the story behind the publication: “Now we need arrest… A long journey into the end of flowering“. It’s a pretty honest view of all the wrong decisions and bad experiments we made along the way to publication! Together with her co-author Al Ware, Catriona was also interviewed by GARNet about the publication for a podcast.

Completing a successful few weeks, Cara’s review on the evolution of root-shoot and shoot-root signalling was published in Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology at the end of June: “There and Back Again: An Evolutionary Perspective on Long-Distance Coordination of Plant Growth and Development“. And shortly afterwards, Pablo and Catriona’s review of the end-of-flowering was published in Current Opinion in Plant Biology: “Bloom and Bust: Understanding the Nature and Regulation of the End of Flowering“.


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