10 tips for starting a PhD during a global pandemic

By Catriona Walker 2020 hasn’t gone to plan – and it’s clearly going to be a while before we get back to anything approaching normal. Starting a PhD at any time can be a daunting experience; starting during a global pandemic is going to be even more daunting. You, your supervisor, the rest of yourContinue reading “10 tips for starting a PhD during a global pandemic”

Like buses…5 More Publications…

Amid the continuing frustration at being unable to do any bench-work, there has at least been good news in the lab, with a spate of publications in May, June, July. Our publication record continues to be very lumpy! First of all, Tom wrote a ‘preview article’ for Developmental Cell, looking at a forthcoming publication fromContinue reading “Like buses…5 More Publications…”

4 publications…a good summer’s work

Very excitingly, the lab has published 4 papers over the last two months, displaying a good range of the research we are currently involved in. Our work on strigolactone and KAI2-ligand signalling in root development was published in PLoS Genetics: SMAX1/SMXL2 regulate root and root hair development downstream of KAI2-mediated signalling in Arabidopsis Meanwhile, weContinue reading “4 publications…a good summer’s work”

New Starters!

We are very happy to welcome two new students to the lab! Although, to be honest…they do look a little familiar… Catriona Walker is starting her PhD on understanding the molecular basis of carpic dominance (and probably more besides) while Cara Wheeldon is starting an MSc-by-research looking at how crowding and plant-plant interactions in the rhizosphereContinue reading “New Starters!”